Slaves for Hire

There are about 150,000 foreigners (not the English teacher kind) that have come to Taiwan to work and give care to the elderly or disabled (and scores more working in factories). They are routinely made to work long hours and taken advantage of by not being paid for all of the work they do. This comes on top of not being respected as a brown skinned member of the community. They are here because in their home countries, it is extremely difficult to find a job and they likely are here making money and sending most of it back to take care of their family. Taiwan needs to step up and treat these people with respect. They are hard working people and deserve to be treated fairly. The riots in Kaohsiung are just an example of what can happen when people are fed up with being mistreated.

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4 Responses to “ Slaves for Hire ”

  1. You must be joking! White slaves dont really work that hard as you said. English teachers in
    Taiwan are most laziest and relaxing people. you should know that.

  2. @taiwanese slave:

    Hi. The article is not about people who teach. It’s about foreign labor from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Phillippines. And you’re right, lots of teachers are lazy, but I know some hardworking ones that work hard and relax hard as well.

  3. Coming from a country with an institutionalised racism-past, I’ve been called many things in my life (the most recent being “a litle black” by a previous colleague)… this is the first time I am referred to as “off-white”. Oh and I’m the English-teacher kind.

  4. @ Normal foreigner

    Sorry about the off-white remark. It was meant to characterise the immigrant labor from countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, the Phillipines, and Thailand. In no way did we mean do be insensitive to any race. The article was made to share with our audience some of the injustices that are commited to these people. Thank you for bringing up the point that not all English teachers living in Taiwan are white. We would be delighted to open a conversation about racism in Taiwan, and how it affects the white and black people living here. Send us an email @ if you want to continue this conversation.

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