Shooting People Friday (7/21) In Ximending

Anyone can make their dream of making films come true! Shooting people is your opportunity to get involved in making short films. There is a theme picked and participants can be actors, editors, cameramen, grips, gaffers etc…


8:30 p.m. start in the square next to the Red Theatre. Mosey on up from 8 p.m. on. There’ll be folk about.
Ben’s number 0910 202 261
Brook’s number 0935 277 356

We’re still accepting scripts!!!! the more the merrier. Check out our current scripts on our new blog. Details below.

There is a little Thai Restaurant there, so if anyone would like to get some food before Shooting People let me know and I’ll make a reservation.

We’re in the process of rijigging the format of Shooting People.
We’ll continue sending out emails to alert you to upcoming events, but we’ve also started a blog where we can post scripts as they come in, talk about upcoming events and develop a calendar for the next few months leading up to a film festival we hold later in the year.

Sound good? Stick with us and help us get it happening by participating.

You can find the blog at

Using the blog, prospective directors can look at scripts on the site before the scheduled event and have a bit more time to prepare and storyboard their take on the script.

You can also post comments and suggestions to the blog. Currently we’re particularly agitating for instigators. So c’mon. Get your ideas out into the community and instigate your take on cinema.

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