Sex With An Airline Stewardess

Many a young man have dreams of sleeping with the ladies of the skies, airline stewardesses. Outside of KLM, which seems to go for the “butch aunty” sort of stewardess, the other airlines I have seen pick attractive, multilingual, and tall (so they can reach the overhead bins) girls.

Now, in what is likely the most pathetic and stupidest video ever posted here, we show you a video of one loser’s way of beating all odds and getting with the poster child of airline stewardesses.

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13 Responses to “ Sex With An Airline Stewardess ”

  1. you never met the Dutch-speaking Brazilian hottie of KLM, but i did! plus i will never forget the Indian babe on Northwest 4 years ago. wow!

  2. I have been on a lot of KLM flights to BKK, and never saw her. Nope. I always had Broomhilda, with her rushed demeanor, potato shape, and tendency to ignore any requests.

  3. i’ve never seen a hot flight attendant outside of asia. never been on klm, but the “butch aunty” definitely applies to most serving the north american airlines.

  4. wait, i take that back about never seeing a hot flight attendant outside of asia. been on a few flights down to south america. there were definitely some latina babes on board.

  5. This post is becoming very popular. It figures a crap post like this can get loads of visitors and a post that takes hours between videos, photos, and writing can get crap for visitors.

  6. I liked the vid. The guy really did his thing 🙂 I have to agree about KLM. Cathay gets my award, damn those girls are hot.

  7. Many of the airline attendants are daughters of the Taiwan airforce pilots. I taught in Gangshan where many of the airforce retirees live. Watch out!

  8. WTF…..was that video….

  9. that…was gay LMFAO.

  10. Nice!

  11. This is my dream too.

  12. Mei you li mao! Mei you li mao!

  13. very good

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