Seduce and Luxy 2006 Video

We featured this video about a year ago, and it is one of the most popular videos regarding Taiwan. It is from the inside of the Seduce and Luxy Taiwanese discos. There are lots of Sexy Taiwanese girls dancing, and the DJ’s are playing popular hip hop songs.

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4 Responses to “ Seduce and Luxy 2006 Video ”

  1. wat’s the backgroundmusic call?

  2. I’m not sure L. Does anybody know?

  3. There aren’t any footage of Luxy in this video.

    This video is done by the team behind Seduce.

  4. I love both versions, the sqeaurs and the carton. I think the Graham crackers are more up front in the sqeaurs, but I love both versions. I first bought it in the Los Angeles area, while I was visiting and I was hooked. I live in Northern California and buy it at Walmart, Target and Wholefoods. I have tried other of your flavors but always come back to this. Don’t change the recipe and never stop making it!!

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