Rising Hedons New Years Gig 2008

If you are looking for something fun to do this year for New Years Eve look no further. Make your way down or up or over to Tai Chung and get your blues on with Taiwan’s Rising stars the Rising Hedons. They’re a personal favorite of mine and I can guarantee you will appreciate them. Front man Bradley Tindall is a gifted musician with a good stage presence you don’t often find in the foreigner band scene in Taiwan. Here is an mp3 for your listening pleasure:

[audio:/the rising hedons/01_Bad Solution.mp3]

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New Year:

A time to;
refresh your calendars,
refresh your resolutions,
refresh your friendships,
refresh your minds,
and refresh your souls.
But first:

Refresh your glasses and refresh your ears.

Taiwan’s premier Rock and Roll band, The Rising Hedons, invite you to welcome the New Year in raucous style with a night of music, dancing, joy and merriness.

Assisted by the incredible power trio, Point 22, we promise to fill your celebrations with the most electrifying tunes that will keep you Rocking and Rolling on the dance floor all night. The Rock and Roll never stops.

“Rock and Roll: Music for the neck downwards.” – Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) – and if anyone knows Rock and Roll, it’s him!

The place: 89K
The time: 10pm til ludicrously late
The date: You work it out!
The price: NT$500 includes a free drink




台灣首席的搖滾樂團─The Rising Hedons 邀請你ㄧ起加入我們在精彩的樂團表演中忘情的跳舞,在愉悅欣喜的氣氛裡一起邁入新的一年。並加上擁有神奇歡樂力量的三人小組點22樂團的絕妙助陣,我們保證你將會隨著無比興奮的搖滾旋律裡無法自己的擺動你的身體一整晚!



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Soaring down crowded back alleys, pigs heads hanging on hooks do nothing to break the smoke as another gear is dropped in a failed attempt to leave the clamor behind. Class warriors clawing at their skin from pretentious perches. Stained smiles ever-filling their souls with the soot of disapproval. The man in the wicker chair has the key, and as you descend, the exit chips away beneath your feet, one day stranding those with ill intent. The bamboo walls chew your arms with the tales of an ongoing cultural balancing act. Beady-eyed cops open wide for the daily bribe as the room drools rice liquor onto its Buddhist bib. Lock it up and light the engines. Cross-eye the hand-sized spider to keep your balance and tongue-twist your pride. For the Rising Hedons of Taichung City, Taiwan, this is rehearsal. Composed of world travelers, the band operates on a single principle; the pursuit of pleasure is a moral obligation.

It’s hard not to admire the indie musician ethic of Bradley Tindall and his band the Rising Hedons.
| David Chen, The Taipei Times

Bradley Tindall, the front man for the Rising Hedons can appear to be possessed at times while playing his songs. As relaxed as he is while not playing, he enters another dimension when he is. I’ve only got one word to describe it, and that is, inspired.
| Johnny Z, The Real Taiwan

A Hedons live show is like watching a ball of fire that could explode at any moment. They are unpredictable and unstable!
| Sandra West, Daily Chronicles

The hottest most original band to come out of Taichung in the last few years.
| Lance Carroll, The Taichung Voice

The Rising Hedons proves that the music scene in Taiwan is undergoing a radical transformation from being monopolized by corporate, assembly-line mando-pop crooners. They kick!”
| DC Rapier, The Taiwan Blues Society


Point twenty-two is undeniably one of the hottest, tightest, sexiest bands descending from Taichung, Taiwan. Their music prowess has been giving the local music scene a firm, yet courteous reach around. Their use of seemingly flawless harmonies, unconventional guitar riffs and a crushing rhythm section seems to be the band’s formula to posterior domination. Back in 2004, the 3 decided to join forces in an attempt to penetrate the music scene with something more substantial than hippy-love/rock-pop/candy-crap. Consisting of Wade Davis, Steve Taylor and Pete Holmes, .22 packs a huge punch and is always ready to plug the party. Their cheeky humor and animated ability to rock is the best recipe to any festive function. All three members hailing from other successful bands (Steve and Wade from Dribdas, Pete from Milk); have pooled there experience in stage performance, song writing and just plain being awesome to bring together their unique sound and stage shows! This band has to be seen to be believed… They have toured Taiwan playing anything and everything in the name of good times, mayhem and free booze! From beach party to bookstore to shopping mall to pub to live house to music festival! Point 22 is always ready to push the envelope in sound and stage antics! With their recent win at the ICRT band competition and their upcoming tour of china, Point22 has their sights set firmly to the heavens ready for any enterprising individual or company to sign them up and ride the gravy train all the way to success! Point 22 is a fusion between East and West that is sure to grab attention in any culture with their cross cultural, bilingual performances and songs! Three years later, the band has recorded 2 cds, has rocked Taiwan, played numerous music festivals and is still unfortunately undiscovered.

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