Review: REPRESENT – A Night of DnB Remix Fusion

May 16, 2009 @ Bliss Livehouse
Presented by MalFunction

Track Selectahs: Mixter-T, Elemence, Coffeepot, V-Dub
Lyrical Stylahs: BabbleOn, Shaman, Stoppa MC, Cortez


This might have been the first time a drum and bass event was ever held at Bliss… and the livehouse was rockin! It’s not really that big of a place because performances usually only happen on the second floor, but on that sweet Saturday night, deejays were set up on both levels: dnb/jungle/electro-breaks upstairs and hip-hop/downtempo downstairs.

With a two-for-one entry before eleven o’clock as well as drink specials, the place was packed and groovin all night long—10pm to 4am! A few “Name That Tune” contests were also held during the night, where the audience had to name the original song after hearing a clip of a remixed version. Free drinks and CDs were given out for prizes.


Altogether, eight performers came and laid down their skills for the audience. The “Remix Fusion” theme was all about deejays mixing up their dnb style with another genre (rock, ragga and samba/Brazilian), which gave this party quite a different flavour than what you see at most drum and bass events.


Now, get ready to get down at the next REPRESENT: DnB vs. Hip-Hop – Saturday, July 25, 2009 @ Bliss.

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