Review of the Roots and Shoots Parade with Jane Goodall


This is a review of the Roots and Shoots parade from our guest writer Nankaner.

British primatologist, environmentalist, and humanitarian Dr. Jane Goodall was in Taipei on October 28th to launch the first Roots and Shoots parade in Taiwan.

The main goal of Roots and Shoots is to educate young people on animal welfare and environmental protection. Its designed to empower people and encourage them to take action in saving their own communities. Roots representing a strong foundation and shoots expressing what the strength and dedication of a single plant or person can accomplish. Taiwan is one of almost 100 countries to participate in the program and its said that there are approximately 400 groups involved in making Roots and Shoots a success in Taiwan.

Over 500 people came out this year to support Dr. Goodall in the inaugural Taiwan Roots & Shoots Animal Parade. Some came decked out as animals while others rode elaborate animal floats, donated by the Dream Community. The parade goers followed the beats of drummers, while Jane Goodall danced with us through the Taipei Xinyi District. It was a small parade, but it had a big heart and was filled with some amazing people.

After the parade everyone was invited to listen to a talk given by Dr. Goodall. She started off with some stories of her past, a few motivational tales and finished off by getting the entire audience making random animal noises. Towards the end of her speech Mayor Ma showed up, took some pictures and gave a quick speech thanking Dr. Jane Goodall for everything she’s done. By the end of the day everyone was exhausted, but left with a greater sense of compassion for our animal friends here and all around the world.

For more information on how you can help Roots and Shoots click hereor here. (Chinese only right now)

Here is the rest of the photos for the roots and shoots parade in Taipei:

Roots and Shoots photo link

The pictures were provided by Sasha Séguin and Séan McCormack at Animals Taiwan. If you’d like to help AT contact for upcoming events and ways you can donate your time or money helping Taiwan’s stray population.

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