Represent hip-hop, drum and bass..
It’s all going down in the place..
Called Bliss, and you won’t wanna miss..
Comin’ to a fresh party like this..

Saturday, July 25th

DJs :: Elemence / Mixter T / Anti Hero / Coffeepot

MCs :: BabbleOn / Shaman / Stoppa / Cortez

:: 200NT with a free drink 含一杯飲料
:: 2-for-1 entry before 11pm
:: 晚上十一點以前門票買一送一

:: Bliss Livehouse
:: 148 Xinyi Road, Sec 4, Taipei City
:: 台北市信義路4段148號

:: Free Drinks and CDs for the #1 Style
:: Elemence and Anastasia’s birthday!


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