Reggae Saturdays @ Walilei Summer 2009

Starting this Saturday 27th !! [Free entrance]

Music by Black reign Crew from 5pm to 12am or more ! .. depend if people want to leave or not aha ..


June 27 /// July 11, 25 /// August 8, 22 /// September 5, 19 /// October 3, 17, 31

Reggae Saturday is a Special concept for the summer for who want to enjoy the beach , Reggae music , Jamaican Cocktail and great food [pizza, pasta, BBQ..]!

Walilei [cian shuei wan beach] is a wicked place for the summer time ! Dj Booth, live music, , dance floor outside , party room 2 floor, big bar with nice food and authentic Jamaican cocktails and special drink, beer etc.. ! High quality sound system [speaker outside] and more.. Come and hear the original Roots Reggae, Dance hall, Dub.. in relaxed vibes, take a drink with friends, take a nice dance or meet up with people…

Swimming ? no problem …just walk 2 min from the bar then you can get in the water !! ..we start to spin at 5pm but get there anytime you want , Walilei will be open in the morning too ! music/ food/drink will be there anytime ! so just come and relax it is the summer !!!

Where’s Walilei? 哇哩咧在那裡?

Take hwy 2 north towards Danshui, follows signs to Baishawan, after entering Sanjhih township you will pass a large sign for Cian Shui Wan(淺水灣). Go 1.6km and Walilei is on the left about 100m after the small blue over-pass.
電話: (02) 2636-8515
FAX: (02) 2636-1750
啊丁行動: 0921-053242


By MRT搭乘捷運: Red line to Hongshulin(紅樹林) MRT from The station. You can take a taxi from Hongshulin MRT to Walilei in Sanjhih township. 搭乘捷運紅線到紅樹林站,出口將會有Beachfest免費巴士直達哇哩咧餐廳。

Reggae events sumemr 2009

Reggae events sumemr 2009

From the MRT to Walilei by Taxi its the easier way to get there quickly.. try to find people then will be more cheap !

Then if you want go back to taipei after 12am [coo no more MRT] , just ask Walilei staff to call a taxi for you .

From Walilei to Taipei with 4 people in the taxi that will be only 200nt ~ for each person ! 40min …

For more details feel free to contact us ! 0936952034 –

The ISLANDJAM team wishes you a nice summer !!

Positives vibes everytimes !

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I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, webmaster and father.

4 Responses to “ Reggae Saturdays @ Walilei Summer 2009 ”

  1. Hey Johnny!
    I’m a big reggae fan from Montreal Canada and just arrived in Taiwan (Taichung) 4 weeks ago. Saw your add for Reggae Saturdays in Taipei…looks hot, but it’s a little far for me, being down in Taichung and all. But, do you know what’s goin’ on in and around Taichung? Have any web sites or know people who can hook me up with some info on the reggae scene?
    Much love

  2. In Taichung you can see a group called Militant Hippi. Ask anyone at any of the foreigner places for a guy named Boston Paul and see if you can hook up with him. He will know everything about the music scene in Taichung. Also, check out for some info about occasional reggae parties there.

  3. Gonna try to make it out from Ilan this Saturday. Wish me luck on the navigation!

  4. About how many people will be attending?

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