Video – Taiwan Police Chasing and Shooting at Car!

Watch a video of Taiwanese police firing at a car that won’t pull over. I wonder what the bad guy did? I’ll guess and say he ran a red light… or failed to stop at a crosswalk. Hehe

This is definitely not a shining moment for the police force here. I usually like the fact that the police in Taiwan can be nice, and not overbearing adrenaline junkies that will kick your ass for j-walking. In this case they should have been more aggressive in the beginning. This may be some video of a recent situation where a guy was trying to outrun the police in Taipei. You can see he just keeps going even after the policeman shoots his tire repeatedly. I wonder what that cop was thinking after sending several rounds into one tire. It’s also funny to note that the guys taping it just keep following the cops and the bad guy through their ordeal. The end result, if it is the same thing, was the guy in the car got riddled with bullets and killed for repeatedly driving off. That isn’t in the video.

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  1. Whoah! Surreal! I can’t believe what I’m seeing! Why does the guy keep driving off? The driver doesn’t try to run down the cops either, for that matter, so why do that shoot him and kill him. I hope there isn’t any police brutality at hand here. Maybe the guy was deaf? In which case, maybe he’s not allowed to drive a car? Which still doesn’t excuse him being killed if he isn’t… But then if the police keep stopping him, they aren’t joking, so he should get out of the car. Insane! The guy must have been short of a few cards. Entertaining and scary! So Taiwan. Yeah, you never resist a Taiwan police officer like that (unless you are going to actually shoot him a la Silk, which I still wouldn’t advice or condone)!

    I am a foreigner, and I was once flagged down on my by a routine traffic check or something between Taichung, Daya and Fongyuan. Why, I don’t know. They told me to drive to the right of the police car (in Chinese, which we all knew I wouldn’t understand, since the only English they knew is okay…less than my ni hao, i, er, san, etc., plus a few food words and swear words in Taiwanese, Chinese and Hakka).

  2. This is the short video. I saw the one where the ending was the driver on the ground bleeding to death from the multiple bullet holes in his body. I forgot what this guy did to cause the police to chase him but it ended badly for sure.

  3. Can post a part 2 of that so we can see the dead?

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