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In Taiwan, performing arts begin early. Students as young as 3 – 4 years old are trained to act in skits for graduation events for their parent. I have been a part of this first hand, and know how frustrating it is to get a room full of 5 year olds to behave, let alone rehearse. Some Taiwanese co-teachers of mine were such bitches to the kids too, yelling and even hitting the kids to keep them in line.

There are lots of events every year where Taiwanese student of all ages must get on stage and do some kind of routine. Even when they are more grown up, you can still see them at colleges practicing routines in their spare time.

Here is a video of what can happen when given spare time and a desire to make that “special” routine.

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  1. Recently, I went to my oldest boys high school where they had this sort of event going on and each grade or class did some sort of skit. My wife and I were in tears from laughing so much…it was truly awesome. Since first coming here in 2004, I have admired the Taiwanese and their ability to let their hair down sometimes and just have fun. You’d never see this in B’klyn N.Y. where I’m from.
    Have you ever been to a KTV and just watch some of the singers…Its gotta make you laugh and smile BUT…truly they are having a great time…and when I’m there…so am I. kdc

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