Peace Festival 2007 Pre Fest Party @ The Armory, Tainan


With the help of the boys from Divebomb, we were able to help organize a rocking night for the folks down in Tainan. A big thanks to Dan, Caleb, Kelly, and Adam for making some cool flyers and playing. Adam played drums with the first three bands, so that was about 3 hours of solid drumming. Good job bro. The bands have different styles, especially Full House, whose rockabilly style is really cool. Great stuff. Music went from 9:30 until around 2. The band lineup went:

1. About The Seven Day Run
2. Divebomb
3. Full House
4. The Follows
5. Ryan Fernandez
6. Axel Schunn

All of the bands donated the proceeds to the Peacefest, and the very generous Du Mei at the Armory chipped in an additional NT 2000 to bring the grand total to NT 8,000 raised for the evening. Not bad people. Everyone I spoke with had a good time, and the vibe is being set early for another great Peace Festival this year.

Pictures from the night are here

See everyone next weekend at the Peace Festival!

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