Niggar King

This is the latest segment of the N***** King story. According to Poagao some westerners saw the sign, alerted authorities, who in turn alerted the owner to the meaning of the store name. The owner then changed it to this… Hmmmm…..

Oddly similar to the original don’t ya think?! So you go to the dumpster behind the nearest B & Q and find an old ‘”A” then replace the “E” with the “A” and call it a day. Wow, they really showed us didn’t they.


Here is a skit from the Dave Chappelle Show starring the Niggar family. Seems the store owner went from being oblivious about using racist terms to becoming savvy…

I think they may have unintentionally created a new word through all of this hubbub, and the new question is, “What exactly will it mean?”

Potential definition: (noun) A term used to describe people who are oblivious of other cultures that wish to exploit a different culture for profit.

Usage: Those Taiwanese guys that opened up the “N***** King store in Jung Li are real niggars. Rhymes with the word cigar.

Check your Oxford-English dictionary in a few years to see if it has a picture of this store next to the submission.

This is the third in a series of three posts I have made regarding this subject, and to be honest, I am getting a bit sick of it while all the while feeling compelled to present it to the public.

Original N***** King post.

N***** King Hat post

Niggar King

Originally uploaded by Poagao

This topic is loaded. Feel free to comment, and go ahead and say whatever you want about what I write. I have heard a lot, and feel I have been wrong and right at the same time during a lot of it. Let me know…

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7 Responses to “ Niggar King ”

  1. Is that real? People should know that since there are a limited number of sounds, etc., that sometimes words that sound the same (and mean something totally different) are expressed by people of different cultures. The oil company Exxon (previously called Esso) did an exhaustive search to come up with a name or word that wouldn’t offend anyone and they couldn’t. Even the word Exxon has a derogatory meaning in some particular part of Africa. Apparently it was basically impossible to find a word that didn’t mean something bad somewhere. What I mean to say is, I really don’t think they know what it means to English speaking people and I think it would be crazy to go to another country and tell them not to use a word in their own language just because it means something bad in MY language. Also words only have power because people allow them to.

  2. I am sure they dont know the real meaning as much as we dont know much about they political history.

  3. el blackus parasitus!

  4. They knew the meaning of the word.

    “NI66ER KING” sells “urban gear” to Chinese wiggers.

  5. J-d & s-p my kids my money my blessing replies rap music soul tiny sex!

  6. Nigar king is a store where you can buy whatever you want and here is a skit from the Dave Chappelle Show starring the Niggar family. Seems the store owner went from being oblivious.

  7. So what if they knew what if meant. The fact that there is actually a store called “Nigger King” is an absolutely hilarious incident.

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