When I was a child my father had a sales job that came with personal name cards. They bore his name, his company’s name and the office address and telephone.
Taiwan name cards have so much more. Apart from the presenter’s name and contact data they often carry the logo of a company or of a service club (Rotary, Lions, etc.) and even a virtual resume in a few square centimeters. “President of XX Elementary School Parents’ Association”, “Vice President of YY Middle School Alumni Association”, “BA Degree from ZZ University Department of QQ”,” Former member of the Board of Directors of WW Charity Association”, “Current Member of the Governing Board of SS Temple”, “Vice-convener of the NN Township Chapter of the ____ Party”, and so on.
Living and working in Taiwan for nearly 30 years now, I’ve had many different name cards, and I’m sure that I’ve attempted to burnish my image on more than a few. The one I carry now is fairly simple, though. I’ve found “other ways.”

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David Alexander works at Tainan Theological College and Seminary where he is the adviser to international students

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