Mystery Land

My crew got back from the MysteryLand music festival yesterday. I was forced to leave a day early because of an eye infection, but it was a good two days and two nights spent camping up in a sweet location in the mountains of southern Taiwan. We met a lot of new friends and musicians, and hope you all had a good time.


There was some great jammin’ that happened the night before the official start of the shows. It was there that we met The Idiots, a new and promising young band from the Taichung area, and Mark from Ad Hoc (who opened the festival playing at 1:30 the next day with Brad, a super talented guitarist living in Taichung). They treated the early arrivals to some good old campfire grooves.

Some notes: Public Radio put on a nice set, as well as the ever solid Fire Flower. The US rapper duo of Shambala treated everyone to some high energy hip hop, and had the stage full of squirming bodies at one point. There were also a couple of young local kids that put on a show by dancing on stage. And to the guy that played in the band with punk band that had a few Taiwanese girls in it, please chill out.

We wish Mark from Ad Hoc a speedy recovery. He managed to break his shoulder while maneuvering around at night and tripping over one of the the low lying concrete slabs that circle the field. Get well soon man.

Here are some pics from the festival. We have larger sized ones available if anyone is interested in them. If you have any pictures you’d like to contribute, please make sure they aren’t gigantic files (how about 150KB or less) and email them to us at therealtaiwan(at) . Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see everyone again at the May Jam, and then Peacefest!

Mystery Land Picture Album

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  1. mcshihMay 1, 2011 3:13 amThe first ptrcuie totally caught my attention at first galace as I thought this food is quite similar to my country food, then realized “yup…it’s from Taiwan” after I saw the content. I became a vegetarian after I came to Canada, so I never found out that Taiwan is a vegetarian-friendly environment until I went back for a vist last December. Depending on the buget you have, you can find street stands,inexpensive buffets or even chain vegetarin restaurants for delicate food. Thanks for the wonderful post. It made me homesick now. 😉

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