My-Cool-SMS and WaaKao Launch Free SMS Event Notification Service in Taiwan

Taipei, June 12th 2009

My-Cool-SMS, cutting-edge web based SMS messaging gateway and enterprise
service provider, has announced a partnership with WaaKao, an interactive
information portal dedicated to the promotion of art and culture,
political commentary, music and parties in Taiwan.

The partnership between My-Cool-SMS and WaaKao is based on a free SMS
notification service that informs subscribers of upcoming events, such as
music concerts, art exhibitions or political forums. Upon subscribing at
Waakao, users select event categories for which they will receive free notifications. The service will then automatically alert them
via SMS when matching events are about to take place. Subscribers are also
eligible to exclusive guest list invites and will even receive taxi
directions right on their cell phone. This service is free to WaaKao
subscribers and registration can be completed in a short three-step


Step 1 – Select your categories of interest
Step 2 – Enter your cell phone number
Step 3 – Enter your verification code that was sent to your cell phone

This event notification service allows subscribers to change categories
and events they are interested in at any time and also allows them to
unsubscribe if they do not wish to receive future notifications.

WaaKao helps event organizers to promote their parties and events via SMS
notification, email marketing and advertisements on In order
to protect the privacy of subscriber data, information will not be shared
with the event organizers but it will be managed by My-Cool-SMS using
their secure data facility.

“We are glad to provide SMS notification to keep subscribers updated on
the fly”, said Oliver Marley, WaaKao Director. “Now we can offer last
minute invitations and exclusive promotions. Subscribers will also receive
taxi directions right to their cell-phone, which means that they will have
one thing less to worry about.”

Marcin Olszowy, My-Cool-Webservices CEO, says “Many people schedule their
weekend plans spontaneously and away from their computers. With this SMS
Notification Service, they don’t have to go online to find information
about upcoming events. All they need is a mobile phone. Once they have
registered for the service, it makes sure that they remain updated on the
events they care about for free”.


My-Cool-SMS is a cutting-edge web based SMS messaging gateway and
enterprise service provider that offers consumer and enterprise SMS
platforms. My-Cool-SMS integrates and deploys individual, business and
enterprise solutions and has developed the most intuitive and most cost
effective platform for consumer SMS messaging.


For additional information, Contact: Rahul Nautiyal,
For free trials accounts visit us at

WaaKao is dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture, political
commentary, music, and the parties in Taiwan. The platform is a resource
for local information and educated commentary on political, current,
sophisticated, or humorous events that matter to people between 14 and 39.

For more information contact Oliver Marley, or visit

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