to a god unknown


to a god unkown have just recorded an E.P. It is good and sounds nothing like Lionel Ritchie.


Spending Time With Peishwan

[audio:spending time with peishwan.mp3]

There is no singing on the E.P. to a god unknown dont have a singer. They do have guitars, drums, bass and a wavestation. The songs are long. You should listen to them very loud with your eyes closed. Not while you are washing up or doing some inane task. Maybe have a beer. Or a glass of wine.


Journal of the Gun Years

[audio:/tagodunknown/journal of the gun years.mp3]

to a god unknown write their name in lower case. It looks better and they are not a christian band so why’s it matter. to a god unknown are from suffolk and essex in england. However they live in Taiwan because it is warmer there.

Six Stitches

[audio:/tagodunknown/six stitches.mp3]

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  1. good band

  2. we have a singer now…but he’s not lead

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