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Peacefest 2007 PRESS RELEASE

The leafy mountainside of Kunlun Herb Garden in Longtan will ring with beats and songs again this year, June 1st to 3rd, as peace-lovers from all over the island gather again to join hands for an end to war. Now in its fourth year, the Peacefest in Kunlun Gardens, Longtan, has grown to be one of the best-known music and art festivals of the year on Taiwan, drawing a veritable ‘who’s who’ of the Taiwan independent music scene, as well as artists, speakers, fire-dancers, representatives of NGOs, a puppet theatre group, and several hundred partygoers to the firefly-lit mountains for the weekend.

This year’s musical offerings include a return visit by aboriginal bluesman and Taiwan music legend Kimbo (胡德夫), Afro-Caribbean drum and dance troupe Pan Africana, Taiwanese fuzz rockers 88 Guava seeds and Rabbit is Rich, oldtime jug band music from David Chen & the Muddy Basin Ramblers, roots and reggae from festival veterans The Anglers, The Admissionaries and Uli and the Brood, blues by Boogie Chillin’ and BoPoMoFo, punk from Divebomb and Heavy Smoker, Rockabilly from Tainan’s Full House, groovy folk by Faye & the Slacks, live electronica by Viba, Macedonian and world fusion music by Paparazzi and the Macedonian Music Band, mountain songs by Sophie and Cemelesai, who are members of popular aboriginal group Totem, big-band funk and soul from Taichung super-group The Money Shot Horns, a trilingual punk rock musical puppet show by Ren Jian Bao Theatre Company, all stripes of rock and roll by Changhua’s The Idiots, Hualien’s Mister Green and Highway 9, Taichung’s .22, Chiayi’s Ad Hoc, Tainan’s Charlie Swiggs Band, and Taipei’s Public Radio, Rocket Grrrl, and To a God Unknown, plus DJs Dragon, Marcus Aurelius, Soundmindset for the wee hours.

Music runs from 9pm on Friday until 4:30pm Sunday. As usual there will be workshops, games, and activities running throughout the days, and there will be booths set up with information about various charitable groups and peace-work worldwide. This year the festival has been timed to coincide with the full moon (which falls on Friday), and Friday night has been stacked with talent, including Faye & the Slacks, the Anglers (playing their last show for the foreseeable future), Public Radio, .22, and DJs Marcus Aurelius & Dragon. Sunset Saturday features the peace circle, followed shortly thereafter by a fire show. There is free admission on Sunday, and kids’ activities running all day. There will be a wide selection of affordable food and drink from all over the world, and there is ample space for free camping, either right onsite or a bit further away for those who need more peace & quiet. There are also rooms (with spa access) which may be rented for the weekend through the festival website.

From its humble beginnings in 2003, back when the war in Iraq was just a really bad idea rather than the very real quagmire it has become, Hoping for Hoping has always tried to not only protest against the war, but also to offer a positive alternative to a way of life based on violence and coercion. The organizational model is based on the values of consensus, co-operation, and transparency. The Peace Festival sets itself apart in that it is completely non-profit and totally run by volunteers. The organizers are very excited to see the festival gathering momentum year by year, and growing into something that can sustain itself through the usual comings-and-goings that characterize expat life here.

This year the number of charity recipients has been reduced, so that a bigger impact can be made for each one. The Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR) and Taiwan International Workers’ Association (TIWA) are back again this year, along with newcomer Basic Human Needs, which runs a free school and clinic for street kids in Varanasi, India. This year, some money will also be set aside to ensure the continuance of the festival, rather than it being completely bankrolled by individual organizers, as it has been so far.

The volunteers behind Hoping for Hoping invite everyone to come and join them to party for a good cause. “It’s a meeting of minds from all over the island,” says organizer ‘Peace Dave’ Nichols, “Together we really can change the world.”

Peace Festival 2007

June 1-3, 9pm Friday to 4:30pm Sunday

Kunlun Herb Gardens, Longtan, Taoyuan County

600 weekend pass / family pass

Sunday Free Admission, kids’ activities throughout the day

Free camping & rooms available for rent

More info on

Peacefest Performance Schedule:


9 Locals and Yokels Jam

10 Ren Jian Bao Puppet Theatre (Dream Community, punk rock puppet musical)

11 Faye & the Slacks (台中, groovy folk)

11:45 The Anglers (北部, roots & reggae)

12:30 Public Radio (台北, soul rock)

1:15 .22 (台中, rock)

2 DJ Marcus Aurelius (台北, bootyshakin)

3 Dragon (台北, trance, live PA)


11 Macedonian Music Band (台北, Macedonian music)

11:45 Paparazzi (台北, instrumental fusion)

12:30 New Hong Kong Hair City (台北, progressive rock)

1:15 Sophie & Cemelesai from Totem 圖騰樂團的樂手 (台北, aboriginal folk)

2 Divebomb (台南, punk)

2:45 Full house (台南, rockabilly)

3:30 Charlie Swiggs (台南, rock)

4:15 the idiots (彰化, funk & rock)

5 Mister Green (花蓮, folk rock)

5:45 Muddy Basin Ramblers (台北, jug band)

6:30 Peace Circle

7 胡德夫 Kimbo (太麻里, Hai-yan Blues)

7:45 to a god unknown (台北, instrumental rock)

8:30 Militant Hippi (台中, funky jams)

9:15 The Admissionaries (中壢, rock & reggae)

10 Pan Africana Cultural Troupe (台北, Afro-Caribbean)

10:45 Boogie Chillin’ (台中, blues)

11:30 Uli & the Brood (台南, funk & reggae)

12:15 Heavy Smoker (台北, punk rock)

1 Rocket Grrrl (台北, loud)

2 Stereotypes (DJs Cap & That Guy) (台北, funk, soul & hiphop)

chillout Viba (台北, downtempo live electronica)


10 Snooze Button

11 Song Circle – ¡Viva Freemosa!

11:45 Native Space (台中, eclectica)

12:30 Ad Hoc (嘉義, rock)

1:15 Rabbit Is Rich (台北, indie rock)

2 BoPoMoFo (台北, Chicago blues)

2:45 八十八顆芭樂籽88 Guava Seeds (台北, acoustic punk)

3:30 The Money shot horns (台中, all-star funk & soul)

4:15 Festival Finale

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