The Dakeng Refuge

A message from Boston Paul about the Dakeng Refuge. If you want more information about it, or would like to check it out you can contact him through the Dakeng Refuge Website.


Come Create and Conspire with us….. Hundreds of musicians and artists have been through the Dakeng Refuge over the years. The Refuge was the private home of Boston Paul with the first floor and yard used for parties and friends. After a few years, he realized that his place was attracting many of the Artists, Musicians and Bohemians from around the island. About two years ago, he opened up the 1st floor and the lovely yard for the Artist. Many called his place a refuge from Taichung City thus the name.


Since the Refuge has been made available to those wanting to ‘get away’ to create music and/or art, read a book from the Refuge’s vast library, or simply lay in the grass and bask in the sun/moon light listening to live music from the Refuge Studio, hundreds have made their way there. It is not easy to find, you must know someone to get there, but once you have made your way through the red tape, you will understand why… and it is well worth it. The Refuge Boasts guests from all over the world including India, Canada, the USA, Thailand, Japan and many more. Be sure to sign the guest book with your email and a quip before you depart….


The Dakeng Refuge has recorded about 500 GB of music over the last 5 years. Sometime in the near future, the best of the best, the cream of the crop, will be put onto a CD. If you are featured on one of the CD’s you will get proper props and a free CD of course. Come Create and Conspire with us…..

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Clifton and I’m currently living in Taichung. I’m looking to jam/play/converse with other artists and musicians around the Taichung area. I’m really interested The Dakun Refuge or any other places where musicians can gather. If anyone knows about a place(s), let me know. Thanks.

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