Charlie Swiggs

Charlie Swiggs is a Tainan based Band. Tainan is located in the south of Taiwan and is the fourth largest city on this island.






Taiwan is very well know for all the other reasons then for its creativity. Since the early days of the Band in 1994, the Band always had a special position here in Taiwan / Tainan, due to its foreign element. One could argue that the Band or Axel Schunn’s desire to perform, had a bit of a ground breaking position among other musicians and the broader music scene in Tainan and Taiwan, who prefer to play their original tunes. Although Charlie Swiggs had been an influence, they had only continued what others before them had started and most certainly they were not the only Band.


Dreaming of You


Come to Eat


At a time when Taiwan just started to wake up from a very long sleep of a self-imposed cultural isolation and started to realize to be a part of this world again. Former restrictions on self expression had been eased and that opened up a door for foreigners too, to show their artistic talents to the general public. There had been never an official and legal statement regarding these matters from the Government, however here comes the very sweet Taiwanese mentality into play: “why should we give people a hard time, as long as no one gets hurt and everyone stays polite, no problem”.


That doesn’t mean that all problems regarding this issue are of the table but it looks like things are moving into the right direction. Admiration and exclusion are properly the two words that would describe the Bands position among other Bands and the music scene here in Taiwan. The admiration derived form the fact that, the Band performed music of a broader cultural background, unfamiliar in Taiwan. The exclusion derived form exactly the same sores. Although it hadn’t been easy and helpful to have foreigners in the Band, but the Band had managed to grow out of that cliche. Over the years the Band gained respect and credit for the creative work and the quality of their tunes and sounds, as well as the ability to adapted to their local culture. Due to all this different styles Charlie Swiggs is playing, it made it hard to categorize the Band to a certain music style. However, no matter which direction the Band is branching or had branched out to, it seams that they have developed their own sound, preferring the more positive elements of live.

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