One Ant Army


I Like Fish

[audio:i like fish 1AA.mp3]

One Ant Army

Whistle Blows

[audio:whistle blows final OAA.mp3]

One Ant Army is Sean Phillips of South Africa.

A New Mourning

[audio:a new mourning 1AA.mp3]

One Ant Army Sean

Video for ‘Breathe’

Video for ‘Typhoon’

Video for ‘Bombed’

3 Responses to “ One Ant Army ”

  1. Good shit, man. Lets hang out and make some more. What’s your email address?


  2. Hey there!

    Firstly thanks to the guys at the real taiwan for putting up my stuff. You guys rock!

    Secondly…what do all out there think of the music? I am looking for any constructive feedback I can get right now. Anything good you have to say can and will count in your favor if ever we meet and you are thirsty!!

    Thirdly…I really need a vocalist. I need someone who has a funky unique voice that fits with the style of the instrumental tracks that are up here ^. If you know anyone or you are someone that loves to work on projects like this… is the email address you need.


  3. Hey Seanie!!!

    Great to see your music getting some exposure!!! You go boy! And let us know about that CD release party – the music and the videos rock!

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