Native Space

The musicians that have made up Native Space come from different musical backgrounds which is why the music they create sounds so unique. Native Space has a unique sound of their own in which words do no justice… it has to be heard to be really appreciated.

A Song 1 A Minor

[audio:Native space A. Song 1 A Minor.mp3]

Native Space has a guitarist who has a light happy feel and plays a variety of styles including Reggae, Jazz, Funk and Blues. The bassist is also a guitarist who decided to expand his horizons, take up the bass, and provide us with a funky and sometimes hypnotic sound. The hand drummers have been trained in the African drummming genre as well as the Middle Eastern. They have performed in many different kinds of venues and have their own unique drumming style as a result of drumming with hundreds of drummers from around the world.

Tribal Trancin in Aphrika

[audio:Native Space_Tribal Trancin in Aphrika.mp3]

The other performing members such as the dij player and the trumpet player add a bit of spice and flavor to the music seldom heard. All the members of Native Space are also experienced and skilled with a variety of different instruments such as the flute, shakers, tamborine and other percussion style instruments. The sound Native Space produces is a raw – genuine – beautiful sound. The band members have been in the Taiwan music scene for many years and have all played at major venues like Spring Scream in Kending, the PeaceFest in Longtan and the May Jam in Tainan.

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