Fire Flower

Fire Flower is based in Hualian.

Fire Flower

And The Sunlight

[audio:Fire Flower And The Sunlight.mp3]

More than the Mountain

[audio:Fire Flower More Than .mp3]


[audio:Fire Flower Smoke.mp3]

Seduce the Grape from the Vine

[audio:Fire Flower Seduce The.mp3]

From the Fire Flower myweb website:

Fireflower grows out of our love for music and how music flows meaningfully through people’s lives. The rewards of creating and playing original music continue to inspire us to push us to play shows wherever we can. Our band is made up of people dedicated not only to the usual shows, but also getting music to those who need it most, performing in orphanages, hospitals and even in maximum security prisons. The healing capacity of music , we believe, should not be relegated to theory, but exist as a vibrant source permeating all levels of society. From festival devotees to convicts to bedridden patients in hospital beds to retirement home residents. Our originality stems partially from having experienced life as Americans living abroad. Living in Taiwan means spending time teaching children, teaching adults in prison, teaching music to Taiwanese people and engaging in all kinds of nature-based activities where we live. For Fireflower this has included spearheading environmental protest, engaging in volunteer concerts, and other unconventional paths to musical exposure. Hualien, on Taiwan’s East Coast, stands apart from the industrial west as a kind of natural paradise, with tall mountains plunging dramatically into the Pacific. Writing and playing music here means that Fireflower must face cultural barriers and use creativity to break them down. Playing covers in addition to our original material helps bridge the divide and asserts music’s rightful place as a truly international language, in this case, one of love, peace, and cross-cultural exchange. As band leader I continually refresh our gigs with new material, in music that lies in the tradition of Art Song but also in Folk, Blues, Jazz and roots music. Unlike some cover bands, we always adopt the material into fresh arrangements that effectively steals the music to make it our own. We play a bluesy cover of “The Grey Goose” from the Lomax recordings (1934), “Moondance” by Van Morrison in a jazz idiom; Leonard Cohen songs lifted out of ponderous gloom and even throw in a little Serge Gainsbourg in French, for the sake of rounding out a diverse performance. As a trio we like to alternate songs with loosely scripted (but musically tight) jamming. This way there’s a little something for everyone, and enough contrast to keep a gig moving in surprising, entertaining directions. Once in a while I sing a melody written for Shakespeare’s “Full Fathom Five” that used to be my bread and butter when busking in Paris. Recent original songs include, “Emptied of Words”, a song about a man trying to understand a woman, “Flowers Open” about the way love affects consciousness, and “Hotel Mesopotamia” a song protesting American aggression in Iraq.

3 Responses to “ Fire Flower ”

  1. Hi there, just listened to the ‘and the sunlight’ number nice song… do you have a studio in Hualien where you record your music?
    Interested in producing music and music for film we are living here in Taipei…
    I have recorded 2 songs with a guatarist and pianist 1 for TV and 1 for film and I also write lyrics, can play piano and my husband is a DJ.
    Interested to know more…
    Your style sounds nice and your mission sounds purposeful which is quite refreshing!! Yay you.

  2. Just to be clear, are you looking for a studio to record in, or are you offering your services for recording?

    There are several potential options out there for recording if that is what you are looking for.

    Let me know and I’ll tryo to get you in contact with the right people.



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