David Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers

The Muddy Basin Ramblers are a jug band based in Taipei, Taiwan. The band was started in 2002 by David Chen, who started to learn country blues and finger-picking on the guitar when he moved to Taiwan.


France Blues


Gus’ Rag


The band members are all friends and fellow expats who used to spend their free time in the mountains surrounding Taipei, jamming or just making a large racket to escape (or celebrate) chaotic Taipei.

Eventually Dave roped his friends into his musical explorations into early 20th century American music, arming them with pots, pans, kazoos and utilizing their talents on various stringed and brass instruments.


Let’s Get Drunk


They started out learning a few Robert Johnson songs, and then moved on to classic recordings by the Memphis Jug Band and Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers. They added a jug and a washtub bass to the instrument mix, and presto, they had a jug band!

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