Consider the Meek

Consider the Meek

From the Consider the Meek myspace website:

Activist band CONSIDER THE MEEK has finished their debut album “the now generation” and is finally ready to scream at this shithole planet that we love to stop eating animals, stop buying stuff that hurt people across borders less fortunate, and to bring down corporate governments that are driven by power and greed by rocking out and giving you false hope that we can make this planet better. Oh well. If you live in Taiwan and want to buy any CTM stuff go to To buy The new Queers/Consider The Meek/The Vickers split CD worldwide go to:

Protest KFC

Consider the Meek protesting the evil KFC empire.

Taiwan Good Chinese

[audio:Consider the Meek Taiwan Good Chinese.mp3]

17 Responses to “ Consider the Meek ”

  1. Saw Consider The Meek at the Fulong festival. I was blown away by these guys. Their album “the now generation” is awesome! Check them out if you get a chance.

  2. I@ Jake

    saw them at the Peacefest. It was some good stuff too. WHat is their schedule for future gigs? If you have the album, send us a song or two and we’ll put it up for everyone to get a taste of what the band is up too.


  3. The website on here is now being halted. please refer to the new link.
    Thanks guys!!

  4. Yes. They are really great! “Taiwan Good Chinese Missiles Bad” is my favorite song!

  5. Ooooh! Consider The Meek are my favorite band. The Now Generation is cool.

  6. Consider The Meek was so amazing at The Wall with NOFX. They seriously can keep us with the best of them.

  7. Hey, they were amazin at springscream, even in the rain 🙂

  8. Consider The Meek rocked hard at the ATT last night. Kev Lee is a brilliant song writer Thanks boys. New bass player is great too!

  9. consider the meek were sorely missed at the peacefest after ripping the stage apart last year. PLEASE COME BACK TO TAIWAN!

  10. Saw them at NOFX show and they were better than NOFX.

  11. I think that was a very nice thing to say, Randy… I do disagree though. I think NOFX really entertained the crowd!

  12. […] 11/9 Consider the Meek […]

  13. Nice shows boys…Can’t wait for next Antipop show! Thanks for bringing Akiakane too!

  14. Does anyone know where I can purchase their new album “Above The System” in Taiwan?

  15. hey Susan, you can get our new album a number of ways.

    1-go to
    2-go to
    3-send an email to and ask there
    4-in february you can go to rose records

    thanks so much!

    Kelly-Consider The Meek (Bass)

  16. does anyone know what happened to these guys?

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