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Here is a sneak peak at a foreign artist living in Taiwan.  If you like heavy metal music then check out this MP3 and don’t forget to see any shows when they play out.





MONN TANNO MONDO is Ed Montano II. Drummer, Singer, Songwriter. Heavy Rock, (Metal) Progressive Rock, and Acoustic rock are the genres that most closely describe his vibe, although he also plays great jazz drums.

Monn Tanno Mondo was formed in Connecticut in the late 70’s. Ed Montano II was and is a strong, robust, and completely original one of a kind man. “A very special and unique stand up guy if there ever was one” as he had been described by many who’d known him over the years. With frequent weekends spent in New York City, he knew he had a longing for the universe, and wasn’t going to stay local for long. Monn Tanno Mondo always loved the earth’s great natural splendors, and still loves spending his time in nature; the mountains, the woods, and unspoiled beaches wherever he finds them in the many parts of the world he travels to. He prefers pumping iron or hiking, to crowds and nightclubs. He has a presence that makes him a special and unique character and he stands out in any type of crowd. If you ever meet him, you will see this! Nothing unusual -just Ed Montano himself.

Some dynamic and incredible performances put Monn Tanno in the spotlight in the Northeast, and in 1983 set out to Europe to perform in England and Italy, He was immediately recognized as a top drummer, and made a great impression everywhere he played dazzling audiences with his powerful and awesome sound waves. After five months of Europe, he went out to California, working his way up the coast from San Diego to Los Angeles, where he began working on his first album Moods & Madness. San Francisco came next, but then, weary of Urban California and all its aggravation, he hit the highway to Ashland, Oregon. He attended Southern Oregon University and earned a BA. He enjoyed his time living in this picture post card, Walt Disney movie, upscale, artists haven, Shakespearean, squeaky clean Hippy mountain town, and sometimes wished he’d never had to depart from it. But then, Portland and Seattle lured him, and so there he went. A couple of years, and a Master’s degree later, and still traversing the planet, he never lost his passion. Monn Tanno’s next great album, Tales of Eternity was mostly recorded and produced in these two Pacific Northwestern cities. Ed handpicked an eclectic mix of local musicians he met at jam sessions, and invited them to perform in the studio with him. They are mostly accredited as a Ghost Crew due to the fly by night nature of Rock musicians, many of whom he never became more than casually and briefly acquainted with. A non fiction book Ed authored entitled Endless Rainbow -From a Diary of Dreams is a literary tale of his adventures. His father, the late Ed Montano I, taught him as a child, and was a great Jazz drummer who had achieved his own fame and respect in the Northeast in the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s.

Monn Tanno Mondo has sold thousands of CDs all over the world, and continues to enjoy the Underground Indie Artist status that he has always been proud to be a part of. Monn Tanno Mondo can be heard on radio stations all over the world occasionally, especially to the far left of the dial. The music is registered with BMI, and so can be available for television and movies upon request. He travels the earth today however, his whereabouts remain a mystery.

“Throughout The World I roam. All of it is my home.

I am a Citizen of The Universe!”- Citizen of The Universe. – Ed Montano II

Albums: Tales of Eternity (The first) 1986

Moods & Madness 1996

Tales of Eternity (Revised) 2002

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