This page is dedicated to the bands living and working in Taiwan. Get a feel for the bands by listening to them and checking out some of their pictures. If you are an artist, we will promote any artistic venture on this site, so put us on your mailing list and we can get started. Email us at therealtaiwan(at) for more information. And to all the bands here already, it’s our pleasure to have you on board.

The first thing we are posting here isn’t a band, but a place in Taichung that is inspiring and deserves a look. All artists in Taiwan should check out the Dakeng Refuge



Monn Tanno Mondo

Paper Scissors Stone Band

New Hong Kong Hair City

Half Mile Radius

Faye and The Slacks

Ad Hoc

Selling us Everything

Militant Hippi


Dirty Skies

The Idiots

The Deadly Vibes

to a god unkown

Native Space

Red-I and the Riddim Outlawz

Charlie Swiggs

David Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers

The Anglers

Shayne Lazarowich



Consider the Meek


Fire Flower

Mr. Green

One Ant Army

The Sound Clashes

Wise Manoeuvers

Festival Music

Peace Fest LIve CD

Spring Scream Dog Demos

13 Responses to “ Music ”

  1. Hey!

    Just wondering if you could add our band (Faye & The Slacks) on the list! we’ve been playing around taiwan for a year now. It would be great to be up there in list!!

    Thanks so much!

  2. Faye,

    Sure, we’ve already got some of your tunes. Email me a bio of your band and a few pics you like and I’ll get the page set up right away.



  3. Hello i have a band slowly coming up we are practicing at the moment if you have heard of U2 or coldplay this is the style where doing and other influences .

  4. How can you possibly not add ROCKETGRRL?!?!
    They are the loudest and absolutely most famous band ever.

  5. We are waiting for a few MP3’s from RocketGRRL. Soon as they come we can whip up a page for them! You got any good ones?

  6. Hey there,
    I was just wondering about a band that played at Peacefest ’07. It was funky (on the reggae side) and the lead vocalist was a white dude with a wicked high ‘Desmond Dekker-esque’ voice. It was one of the best shows I’ve seen in Taiwan. Could it be “Uli & the Brood?” I don’t know because they don’t have a website. Anyway, if anyone remembers who they were, lemme know.
    I would totally buy their music if they had any for sale.


  7. Bored? Restless? Let’s hang out at the mall!

    Come hear Dirty Skies and Mostly Handsome rock Groovecity in Taichung.
    We got too loud for Grooveyard’s neighbor’s had to move the show to the mall.

    Come raise dirty hell at Groovecity in the Tiger City mall basement!

    Saturday, December 8, 2007

    Oh! It’s Lance’s (Voice Magazine Bossman) birthday party!


    The Dirties

  8. Hey John,

    Could you post our band on the website. Also, if any bands are looking to play Tainan, we are looking to play other towns as well. You can contact us via our myspace website or email, Maybe we could set up some shows in each others home base.


  9. Oops, heres our myspace address:

  10. Consider The Meek?

  11. The Black Lung Inner City Choir will be ringing in the spring…
    Friday March 21st at 89K, Taichung.
    Doors open early, show starts at 10.

    Black Lung Inner City Choir

  12. I want to see MONN TANNO MONDO up on this site now. I heard there was going to be a song. where is it?

  13. dont know where to start, loud rude aggessive guitarist available, blues,, rock, metal, taichung changhua area, enail

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