Mr Green New Years Show in Taipei

Mr Green

Wring in 2007 with a ton of great live music at the Living Room! Local music juggernaut the Antagonauts are bringing ex-Taipei legend Mister Green out of hiding in Hualian to squeeze the last drops of life out of 2006. Joining the bill are Latino-rockers Paparatzi. Paparatzi had audiences sweating at Spring Scream 2006 and now they’re coming to make you feel dirty in the Living Room.

December 31st 2006 – January 1st 2007 party starts @ 9:00pm 3F, #8, Nanjing E. Rd, Sec. 5 臺北市南京東路五段8號3樓 NT300 includes 1 drink & a ton of great music.

Some new tunes of Mister Greens latest album! He was kind enough to mail it to us. Cheers bro!

Act of Will

[audio:act of will.mp3]

See Me Again

[audio:see me again.mp3]

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