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6th Daniel Pearl Day of Music on Sunday, September 30th

(Taipei, Taiwan) The 6th Annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days will allow Taipei residents the opportunity to participate in an international event uniting musicians around the world in a global network of events, using the power of music to help spread a message of hope, unity and “Harmony for Humanity.”

Local and international musicians will gather on Sunday, September 30th from 1-10PM at the Xinyi Public Assembly Hall, No. 50 Song-Qin Street (directly across the street from the World Trade Center) for a full day of music and entertainment. This will be the sixth time the Taipei-area has hosted such an event, providing a opportunity for musicians and participants to share in an event that promotes greater harmony.

The event commemorates the slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, and promotes the ideals that inspired his life and work. Following his death in August 2002, friends and musicians have been united in his spirit and his love of music, hosting international concerts intended to promote cross-cultural understanding, overcome cultural and religious hatred, to encourage responsible and creative journalism, as well as enriching people’s lives through music.

Refreshments and food will be for sale such as delicious burgers, sausage with fries, melted Raclette cheese with boiled potatoes, Heineken beer, and a wide range of soft drinks. The event has been sponsored through the generous assistance and sponsorship of the Taiwan Foreign Correspondents Club, Tavern Premier, Capone’s, Heineken, and dozens of volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the year.

Below is a complete list of the musical groups who will perform, along with a brief description of their music:

Black Summer Days 1-1’45pm
An up and coming Taiwanese rock band with a catchy alternative sound representing the next generation of local music. Guitar, bass and driving drums.

To a God Unknown 2-2’45pm
This four-piece UK band have been friends since high-school, performing music that ranges between spare, beautiful guitar arrangements to crushing wall of sound crescendos. Guitar, bass, drums, and Korg sampler.

Two Acres Plowed 3-3’45pm
A modern country trio led by Arkansas-native, Landis Shook, singing his heart out with modern country numbers ala Kevin Chesny, Garth Brooks, and others.

Crossroads 4-4’45pm
Barry Smit and guitar wizard Ray rips through classic rock hits such as Iggy Pop and the Stooges, REM, and the Rolling Stones. Guaranteed to get the crowd dancing, with guitar, bass, keyboard and drums.

Coach 5-5’45pm
A Taiwanese funk band which gained fame by winning a US$30,000 MTV band competition in 2004 and leading to regular performances at major festivals around the island. The band are so popular their songs are available at most KTV’s.

David Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers 6-6’45pm
The Muddy Basin Ramblers are a local jug band comprised of expatriates living in Taipei, led by David Chen. The group play early 20th century American music with banjoes, pots and pans, kazoos and brass instruments.

Public Radio 7-7’45pm
Led by Portland Oregon natives Moshe Foster and Nathan Javens, Public Radio has built a strong following which eager to dance along to catchy indie-pop guitar riffs and melodies. Highly entertaining and energetic, the band features two guitarists, bass, harmonica, and drum.

Al’s Hothouse Chicago Jazz Band 8-9pm
Capone’s Classy 10 piece Band lead by D.C. Rapier, with musicians from the USA, Canada, Germany and Japan Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Mouth Harmonica, Flute, Guitar, Base Guitar, Piano and Drums .Playing big band style Chicago Jazz and Blues, some cover songs and own compositions.

The Money Shot Horns. 9’15-10pm
The first Taipei-area performance for this 9-piece super group featuring Patrick Byrne on saxophones and Roger Smith on keyboard and trumpet. The group features former members of Boogie Chillin’, Milk, and other talented musicians in the Taichung area, creating a unique sound that is guaranteed to bring down the house.

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