May Jam Emails

This year, there have been some problems with the band application process for the May Jam. Several emails to Axel have had problems so bands, if you haven’t heard anything, send me the an email with the name of your Band, how many members, kind of instruments you play, three recent picture of your Band and three recent recordings, to:

therealtaiwan [at)gmail dot com

As well as before a 1000 NT$ safety deposited which Axel will return. You should send the money to me after I receive your mp3’s and you are confirmed to play at the May Jam.

Axel Schunn
Fu Hwa 7th st.,
Lane32, No.41, 9f-1
Yong Kang City (710)

I will make a DVD with all the info for Axel. You need to act soon, and send in your info. Deadline is tomorrow and the show is the weekend after (May 3-4). It’s coming soon!

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