May Jam 2007 Tainan Schedule

The preliminary May Jam schedule is out. If you are in one of the bands, please confirm your time ASAP. Also, there are a few times remaining for the Armory Saturday evening, so if you are interested in playing there (it promises to be a packed house and a great time) please contact Axel.


May Jam Schedule

Congratulations to these bands. Can’t wait to see you guys perform!

Towel no White / Tainan
Mum oil / Tainan
Smash / Tainan
Mr Mouth /Tainan
Unfinished / Tainan
Monkey Banana / Taichung
Consider the Meek / Taoyuan
A moving Sound / Taipei
Charlie Swiggs / Tainan
The Deadly Vibes / Taipei
Electrocute / Kaohsiung
13 High / Taipei
Full House / Tainan
Godfather / Kaohsiung
Time stop / Tainan
Paradise / Tainan
Soilers / Alien
Divebomb / Tainan
Round Midnight / Taichung
Ad Hoc / Chia-yi
Metal Fon / Tainan
The Anglers / Taipei
Star 69 / Tainan
Shoo / Tainan
Money Shot Horns
Guitar Slingers
Militant Hippie / Taichung
Orange Boy / Tainan
Native Space / Taichung

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