Lu Erh Men Temple Tainan County Taiwan

Took a trip out today to Lu Er Men temple in Tainan County. The guys there said it was the largest temple in Tainan. It was an interesting place, and I got a few really nice shots of the place with my dinosaur digital camera. There is an abandoned water park next door, and it would be an awesome place to take a few pics if you were inclined to do a covert mission…. It has been closed for some time by the look of it. Some other pics in the batch are of the bridge area at night in An Ping, and of some vehicles using the road. The old lady with the jet white pompadour was just good luck.

Lu Er Men Photo

Lu Er Men Temple Photos and more

I have started to put watermarks on pictures becasue there are just huge amounts of people downloading pictures and not even a thank you, so if you like a picture and want the original huge file without the watermark, you can email us and I’ll send it to you.

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