Lin Zhi Ling

I had heard her name quite a few times before, but never could put the face to a name. If you don’t know who she is, she is Taiwan’s most famous supermodel. This video is her in a Yogurt commercial.

If that wasn’t enough for you, check out another clip of her getting photographed and then walking the cat walk.

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Her bio is from theYummy Celebrities and Entertainment website

Lin Zhi Ling biography
Lin Zhi Ling created a phenomena in Taiwan, it take just less than a year to make her the most talk about celebrity in worldwide Chinese community.

Lin Zhi Ling came from a strong family background, she left Taiwan when she was 15 and obtained her double major degree from Toronto University.

Lin Zhi Ling started her entertainment career in modelling in 1999, started in catwalk and featured in various commercial ads, gradually gaining popularity among Taiwanese.

ChiLing’s popularity however shot sky high in 2004 when she was rumored to be the girlfriend of Taiwan heartthrob Jerry Yan, whom they work in the same modelling agency. Their relationship still remains a mystery today.

The ‘Zhi Ling miracle’ was unstoppable since then, she appeared as ambassador for various products, started hosting TV show and gala events like Golden Horse Awards.

Lin Zhi Ling made international headlines in 2005 when she fell from a horse and suffered severe injury while filming for a commercial advertisement in China. The incident also created debates and controversies when Taiwan officials use president-like treatments for her, including a private jet to bring her back to Taiwan.

It took Zhi Ling a few months to recover from her injury, her entertainment career however was not affected, and grew even stronger.

In May 2006, Zhi Ling decided to take a break from her busy modelling and hosting career and take training courses in acting, to prepare for her debut movie “Red Cliff” directed by international famous director John Woo.

Why I like Lin Zhi Ling
Lin Zhi Ling assemble both features of angel and demon, one of the most innocent pretty face I’ve seen and yet one of the sexiest body figure as well.

Lin Zhi Ling has more than appearance.. her intelligence, elegance, passion and personality gel her to be one of Asia most lovable face.

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