La Sight Tainan Halloween Party 2007

Here is an early message to get you thinking about what you will wear for Halloween this year from our friends at La Sight in Tainan. This should be a great party and you can make some money if you have a great costume!

The yearly Halloween is coming!!! It’s time to shake your body and go dancing! Remember the “Trick or treat”? Or the school costume parties? that everybody will costume including the president and even the caretakers. Have you been a long time without those crazy parties?

Tuesday, 30 of October, the Halloween Costume Party will hold in La Sight!!! If you haven’t decided where to go that night… come on!! bring your fabulous & freaky makeup for our Halloween Makeup Contest!!
First prize: 5000 NTD
Second Prize: 3000 NTD
Third Prize: 2000 NTD

100 NTD discount with special costume/make-up!
100 NTD discout for foreigners
All you can drink!!

10月30日星期二La Sight萬魔派對,在這晚如果你還沒想到要去哪裡的話,那你可以選擇把你覺得最屌最恐怖的化妝帶來La Sight,當晚為你準備了不容錯過的化妝大賽,第一名5000元現金、第二名3000元現金、第三名2000元現金,總獎金高達一萬元現金!

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