Kindness in the Big City

CKS Memorial Hall

By Mild Seven

One day, a long time ago (almost five years but for the amount of time foreigners tend to stay in Taiwan, it should be considered as a long time), I happened to be at a friends house in Taipei and decided to go sightseeing for a while while my friend was busy working. I heard Chiang Kai Shek Memorial hall was a good place to go check out and spend some time.

So, equipped at that time with no Chinese and a friendly disposition, I decided to take my chances using mass transit. I ended up on a bus, and felt extremely lost. It was supposed to be the right bus, but being afraid I’d end up in some long lost forgotten suburb miles and miles away from where I intended to go, I mustered the courage to ask one of the nearby passengers. It was a lady in her late 20’s who didn’t speak much English, but she understood what I was saying and proved to be extremely helpful. So helpful in fact, that she went out of her way to transfer buses with me (even though that bus was not going where she was going) and got the bus drivers to allow her on the second bus for free as she made sure I was going to arrive at my destination.

I was totally shocked that someone would be so kind to a total stranger in such a big city. It was my first experience of extreme kindness from a Taiwanese citizen, and it opened my eyes to the character of the Taiwanese.

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I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, and webmaster.

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