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Did you know this crazy man spent about 2 months in Taiwan? Probably not, and he was recently arrested in Thailand and admitted to killing Jon Benet Ramsey. Even weirder, he has been acquitted in this case as the evidence shows it was not him. He is currently being brought to California to be tried on seperate charges. His stay here was brief, and his behavior was the reason he didn’t stay long. In a TRT exclusive, here is the story about his time in Taiwan.

By Turkey

So last week, I report back to School for another year of teaching after a long
vacation in Vancouver. When I open the office door all the Chinese teachers
smile and welcome me back. The foreigner teachers hustle me into a corner and
cut right to it, “Hey look at this paper. Do you see this guy?” They held up a
mugshot of John Mark Karr in the China Post. I say, “Of course, he’s the dude
that admitted to killing the Ramsey kid.” They were all so stoked up about this
guy… “ok, ok” they said. “Remember that teacher that left and you replaced? It
was this (Karr) guy.”

So here’s the deal. I guess John Karr came to my school fresh off a flight from
the US or South America. They had prepared all the normal stuff including the
schedule and a desk. He arrived, and immedietly started making waves. He said
stuff like “I don’t want my desk there. Put it over there, I want that teacher’s
spot. I don’t want this assistant either, I want that teacher’s assistant.”
Saying in dismissively and with what teachers have said sounded like a put on,
Georgian accent.

After a couple days, the admin staff were worried because once the semester
started, he was probably going to be dealing with parents and students this way.
After school, My boss took him out to help him get a cell phone. On the way to
the shop, I guess, my boss turned off the A/C in the car. John told him to turn
it back on… and then it broke out into a stand-off. They screamed at each
other until finally my boss said, ” Listen, you’re more than welcome to stay
here at our school but we need to make a small attitude adjustment. If you think
you can work with us on this one we can get the phone and head ‘er back to
school. If not, I can take you back to the airport if you’d like.” He replied,
“take me to the airport.”

That was the last time they’d ever heard from him again.

A couple weeks later, they hired me. I walked in the door and teach the heck out
of those grade 1 students. They said I was way easier to deal with than “The last

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