Japanese Cosplay Taiwan Style

I was very lucky today. I was able to meet up with Lief and William today, as well as many other Taiwanese photographers at Lief’s restaurant Hud La Noom. I didn’t know it, but William was going to be interviewed and by a TTV reporter, a response to an article done on him in a Taiwanese newspaper. I talked to the reporter, who was sitting across from me, and he asked me about what I did, and I told him part of my life is sharing Taiwan with the world. He was interested right away, and to make a long story short, he did an impromptu interview with me (of course I wasn’t prepared at all, and not being the best public speaker, especially in Chinese, it will probably be strange at best. Of course after having time to reflect later I totally missed an opportunity to accurately say what the site is about in an attempt to reach a new readership). I may be on the TTV news sometime in the future, so if you happen to see it let me know. I always end up missing this sort of thing.

After the meeting at Hud La Noom, we went to an awesome cosplay event at Tainan’s National Cheng Gong University. I was shocked by the number of participants. I’ve decided cosplay is the new Halloween for Taiwanese, but it is better, because people can dress up more than once a year, and they don’t have to worry about getting razor blades in their candy apples. Not saying that there wasn’t any candy there. There was a lot of eye candy for sure. I may even go back tomorrow after looking at the pictures I got. All of the participants are so happy to pose, it is a dream for a photographer.

Asian Cosplay-126Asian Cosplay-125Asian Cosplay-124Asian Cosplay-123Asian Cosplay-122Asian Cosplay-121Asian Cosplay-115Asian Cosplay-109Asian Cosplay-103Asian Cosplay-101Asian Cosplay-100Asian Cosplay-58Asian Cosplay-57Asian Cosplay-47Asian Cosplay-30Asian Cosplay-25Asian Cosplay-15Asian Cosplay-14

The ration of cosplayers was definitely tipped in favor of the females. There must be something about having a good reason to go out and wear some sexy goth/cosplay costumes that gets Taiwanese girls motivated to strut their stuff.

Asian Cosplay-215Asian Cosplay-208Asian Cosplay-205Asian Cosplay-201Asian Cosplay-196Asian Cosplay-193Asian Cosplay-192Asian Cosplay-187Asian Cosplay-185Asian Cosplay-183Asian Cosplay-180Asian Cosplay-178Asian Cosplay-175Asian Cosplay-173Asian Cosplay-171Asian Cosplay-169Asian Cosplay-165Asian Cosplay-159Asian Cosplay-156Asian Cosplay-153Asian Cosplay-152Asian Cosplay-150Asian Cosplay-146Asian Cosplay-142Asian Cosplay-140Asian Cosplay-139Asian Cosplay-138Asian Cosplay-134Asian Cosplay-133Asian Cosplay-132Asian Cosplay-13

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10 Responses to “ Japanese Cosplay Taiwan Style ”

  1. Great pics! Wish I could have made it down for the event!

  2. Thanks Todd, it was a lot of fun. There is another one tomorrow at the same place. Check http://www.tainanbulletin.com/event/cosplay-show-cheng-gong-university/321 for the details if you’d like to go.

  3. Shit, that’s in NCKU?
    Damn, I’m there…

  4. How do you do that so quickly? Nice job.

  5. I had some time to look at the photos right after I took them and it prompted me to make the post. I will be going back today, this time attempting to make a video.

  6. That was awsome. Thanks for putting up the post so quickly to allow me to get to the second day 🙂

  7. No problem. These kind of events are great fun. Not everyone’s cup of tea mind you (you know who) but people like me can’t get enough. 🙂

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  9. Amazing shots. I have to visit Taiwan.

  10. Thanks Steve. Taiwan is a great place to see.

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