Invitation to the first Taiwan Rainbow Gathering

From the Taiwan Rainbow Gathering:

We, who are brothers and sisters, children of Earth, friends of nature animals, and all life, calling ourselves Rainbow Family, humbly invite all people with love, to join us in the first Taiwan Rainbow Gathering, for the purpose of working towards peace on earth and harmony among all creatures.

Rainbow gatherings are non-commercial events where we gather to remember that we are all one, and that we can live in harmony with each other and Mother Nature. We get together to share, celebrate and experience living without the need for leaders, money relations or modern conveniences. While we learn from each other with respect and love, we heal ourselves through retreat to nature.

The first Taiwan Rainbow Gathering, will take place near Dulan Village in Taitung County (台東都蘭), starting on Chinese New Year (new moon) January 26, 2009. Full moon is February 9, and seed camp (setup) starts January 20. Dulan is about 30 minutes bus ride North of Taitung City. Coming from South (Taitung City) get off the bus at the first Dulan bus stop, coming from North (Hualien) get off at the second stop in Dulan. Once you are there you can check at the Sugar Factory Café (near the South Dulan bus stop) (“Tang chang kafei wu” in Chinese, 糖廠咖啡屋) for further information on how to reach the Gathering site (a 45 minute lovely walk).

When coming to the gathering please bring your personal camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, mat, etc), bowl, cup, water bottle, flashlight, mosquito repellant, acoustic music instruments, and toys. Keep in mind, Taiwan’s weather can be unpredictable, so bring warm clothing and rainproof gear.

It is also good to bring (vegetarian/and if possible organic) food to be cooked in the main kitchen and shared with everyone (check facebook or yahoo sites for wish list). Tools are also welcome. We will be far from any civilization so bring a good supply of things you may personally need during the gathering (e.g. contact lens liquid, medication etc).

All activities at the gathering are free and maintained by voluntary participation. All food, supplies, and tools for the whole family are provided by donations to the magic hat, so also please bring some local money. Most important of all, come with an open heart and an open mind ready for purification and healing; and remember our purpose for gathering is not to party, but to experience a more natural and harmonious way of living and a sense of community. There will be no electricity connections at the site.

Please DO NOT bring any alcohol, meat, drugs, dogs, electronic gadgets, fireworks or other explosives. Keep your mobile phone turned off at the gathering premises. If you want to take a picture/video always ask permission from the people around you. Since you will be carrying all the items you bring back with you when you leave, plan accordingly. If you really have to bring your dog, be responsible for it at all times and don’t let it wander about freely. Most of all leave behind your consumer habits, addictions, hang-ups and negative thinking, and come join together with love.

Please feel free to share this invitation with your loved ones who may also enjoy experiencing living harmoniously in nature.

You are Welcome Home.

Taiwan Rainbow Family

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