Interesting Neighbor Behavior

One interesting neighbor and my willingness to over-examine her behavior…

It happened again the other day, that neighbor’s interesting behavior, and I haven’t quite figured it out.

I was on my way out at about 9am. I needed to get to the bank as early as possible so I was moving faster than usual as I wheeled out the scooter and put on my sun jacket. I turned around to put on my helmet and saw that neighbor on her balcony, watering her plants and staring at me. Again. “That’s ok,” I always think to myself. Lots of people stare and they don’t mean any harm – they don’t even realize they’re doing it until it’s too late. I spot them, our eyes meet, I smile, they feel embarrassed… I usually treat them in a friendly way and receive friendly ways back. This neighbor of mine, however…

I noticed her (and her eyes) on the balcony, so I smiled and said good morning… She keeps staring. Her eyes squint, as if to get a closer look at me. No smile, no good morning, and she’s up and gone back into the house five seconds later.

She does that every time so this behavior is no surprise. And it’s really not a big deal, as the two of us have a language barrier and probably wouldn’t be able to communicate effectively past “How are you?” I went about my chores that morning, not really concerned about not having a random neighbor as a friend, but more confused. Why are greetings and a smile so difficult for her? The other family members in her house always offer me greetings, as do the other neighbors.

Earlier this year I thought that she must be a very private person, so I decided to keep being friendly to her and not expect anything back (and in this case that’s been a good expectation!). A Taiwanese friend recently agreed with this assessment of the situation. Maybe that lady is simply shy and withdrawn – or concerned about her privacy – as I initially thought. There are probably neighbors like this in every country, which would make this a non-point in the cultural area.

But over time I have discovered that she’s quite friendly with the other neighbors in our community.
So I’m forced to assume there is something about me that makes her uneasy. Language barrier? White chick? No kids? Too skinny? Too friendly? Not tutoring her kids for free? I may never know why she can’t return a simple smile.

Luckily there’s no law that says she has to be friendly to me! ; D

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