I Love the Mafia (with English Subtitles)

This is a show that I have seen on TV before while scanning the channels for anything remotely intelligible or interesting. I usually flip it as soon as the girls start babbling in their high pitched baby voices. Anyway, I think the name of the show is I love the Mafia, as the guys say that when they come onto the stage. This episode has English subtitles so you can get a good idea of the drivel that passes as humor on TV here. Even the cute girls and talk about boobs don’t salvage it.

Taiwanese girls & Cosmetic Surgery-Pt.1 (w/ Eng sub)

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4 Responses to “ I Love the Mafia (with English Subtitles) ”

  1. I think they are talking about the guy they call “Black man”, not mafia “Black Gang”. Not sure, could not watch the whole thing. And 黑人 is an insult to black people everywhere.

  2. The guys name is black man, but after the short intro they say Wo ai hei Se hui, which means i love the mafia.

    Hei ren is not offensive and means black man. hei Gui (or black ghost) means nigger and is offensive.

  3. No, I meant Hei ren, the show host, is an insult to black people everywhere.

  4. Actually, Hei Se Hui is a play on the word mafia. It sounds like the word but uses a different character. Probably a reference to the host. It’s kind of ironic because the show is very un-mafia like. I’ve never seen the show but this glimpse into the show makes me want to break the computer. The whiny baby voices are disgusting–how can anyone say that’s sexy?

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