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By Nick Zarowny

Thanks to Nick. He’s been living in Taiwan for a while and has written articles about places and events all over Taiwan. You can occasionally catch some of his works in the China Post.

28km south of Hualien, lying close to the shore of the Pacific Ocean, is yet another one of Taiwan’s hidden gems. Huting is a place that allows the creative spirit time, and the space to be inspired. The landscape that surrounds Huting is quiet, calm, and serene, while the sound of the wild East coast Pacific crashes and thunders away at a safe distance.

Personally, the plethora of wood art that Huting offers, is its best quality. It ranges from carvings to some of the most unique, naturally shaped pieces of wood that have been carefully selected with an artistic eye, and a touch of genius. These soon to be works of art in their formative states, can be seen at the wood workshop which is located beside the main building. Inside the main building there is an amazing restaurant adorned with more works of art and carving. A very special attribute of the restaurant is the hand carved furniture, especially the tables and chairs. The restaurant offers great views, occasional live music, and traditional Amis dishes and drinks.

Accommodations and decorations are based on the Amis way of life. Huting has not strayed from it roots of being an aboriginal cattle range and farm, keeping things simple and efficient. The sleeping arrangements are rustic huts made from drift wood and designed to ensure that the unit, whether friends or family, share the space in a unity promoting fashion. There is also plenty of room for camping and warm camp fires, provided by Huting, and for the more adventurous there is a beautiful stone beach providing astounding views and safe for a tent.

One can wander around the grounds of the Huting area for quite some time. There is well kept grass for walking with no shoes, and sporadically placed palm trees and banana trees for shade. It is far from the clutches of the city, and kept that way. The motto at Huting is, a place existing freely, without any interruptions.

How to get there: Take the coastal highway 11 south from Hualien. At 27km there will be signs for Huting on the left. Take the small road down, down, down to the main gate. There is a 100nt fee per person entering the grounds.

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