How to score with Taiwanese women

How to Catch Taiwanese Women Without Getting Your Balls Busted

(I’ve been really busy, but i thought it was better to put this out for you guys than to wait till it’s perfect. What follows is just a list of tips to get you going.  I’m sure you’ll take it from there).

cute taiwanese girl 2.jpg

The Basic Daily System

First off, we have to stop you from fishing any dry wells, so STOP GOING TO MALLS TRYING TO PICKUP SALES CLERKS. These women are useless for our purposes, for reasons that I have explained in my previous article. Go anywhere where there are lots of happy girls around, ie., East End, Gong Gwan, etc and do your thing.

Use public transportation-always. If you’re going to meet women, you need to be around them.No more motorcycle. No more last minute taxis. Wake up early, do your workout ( in my next article), shower, and walk to the MRT or bus stop.

cute taiwanese girl 1.jpg

If you make eye contact and she looks like she wants to talk to you, say something!!! Ask a question- it doesn’t matter if you already know the answer or not. It could be how to get to point B on the bus, the weather, etc. Read her body language. If she looks like she might want to talk to you, ask a question, then take it from there.

ALWAYS exchange MSN- if the conversation went well, just say “MSN!” Taiwanese women are addicted to MSN. Something about being able to send or be sent cute cyber smileys just fits their Hello Kitty persona. After she takes your MSN, make sure you get hers. Add your phone number and get hers too.

Forget her- after you’ve gotten her contacts, forget her. DO NOT CALL or MSN her until she contacts you. Go on to your next target. Do not stop until you have at least 20 of these girls on a line. I would go for 100. In business, we know it takes about 100 contacts to catch one customer. So if you want 10 girlfriends, you need to make CONTACTS with 1000 women.

We are playing by cold statistics here, but this is how we PROVE to them that we are not needy. Make the contact then forget her. Well, don’t exactly forget her. If she writes back, we write back.

Never look like you’ve got time on your hands- always say “let me check my schedule” if she asks you to a party, etc (don’t call me mean, girls do the same thing)!

The “one touch” rule- if you touch the girl during the initial contact, do it ONLY ONCE, preferably during the goodbye; too much touching looks disparate.

No compliments- never tell her she’s pretty until you know her well


Workout- let me tell you something you don’t want to hear: Your BODY may be turning women off. Yes, women are VISUALLY STIMULATED. Work out to reasonable plan. I will post one in my next article.

Clothes- sharp lines are the rule. Nikes are for running- put those away for workout time and get a nice pair of A.Testoni loafers. Dockers over jeans. Also, unless you have “rock star” hair, you’ll need a nice manly haircut. No hair or balding? Even if you’re losing hair, you still have a right to hair care. Look the best you can.
The most important thing is to WORKOUT! Think Bruce Willis- even bald, he can score with any woman on the planet!

This is our BASIC, DAILY SYSTEM- things we should do everyday. If it seems brief and even cold, remember that the goal of this system is to UP YOUR PERCEIVED VALUE over their perceived self value. And you can’t up your value if they perceive that they have you by your testosterone.

Of course, there will be other meetings that will be special and rewarding. But those chance meetings should not deter us from our basic daily work. We are trying to get contacts from 100 women. Do not stop until you meet this goal.

I guarantee you, once you get rolling on this, you will develop a sort of magnetic quality to women, which is a result of NOT BEING DESPERATE.
But what I’m teaching here is an ACTIVE NON-DESPERATION. We are actively involved in making contact with as MANY ELIGIBLE WOMEN AS POSSIBLE.

That’s it.

Oh yeah and finally, say a prayer that you’ll meet that special girl so you won’t have to do this stuff anymore!!

About the Author

Ran the Man is a musician,martial artist, language teacher, and defrocked renegade missionary (really). He has spoken Mandarin for over 20 years and been in Taiwan for over 10. He can be found occasionally in some God-forsaken dives in central Taiwan, where he drinks Coke and rum. See more of Ran's musings at his blog - The Truth About Taiwan

44 Responses to “ How to score with Taiwanese women ”

  1. LOL getting 100 MSN contacts. I guess white guys find it tough to get girls in Taiwan, huh?

  2. hi.I’d like to know and meet with you

  3. thanks for reading:

    sporsk- not hard to meet women at all. it’s easy. that’s why you need to get her MSN. of course you should ask her out as soon as possible but there is a problem:

    the wimp vs desparate dichotomy- ie you’re a wimp if you don’t bust a move vs your desparate if you do.
    the title of this article is how to catch girls without getting your balls busted. i’ve eliminated this dichotomy by taking it out of the equation. we’re getting her to paly in YOUR yard, not hers.

  4. hi,
    all email via this site will be sent to me. meet away!^^

  5. WOW. Good luck with trying to keep up with the 50 million contacts, nevertheless making conversation with ten of them. And actually, girls do have a preference for non-baldies. Taiwanese girls are not that stupid.

  6. it doesn’t matter what their preference is. my guys( my male readers) will make them like bald men, because my guys are MANLY, unlike a lot of wussy wimp guys here who have a full head of hair but no testosterone.

  7. Oh wow. This is going to attract attention. ^_^

    I wonder if the innocent models in the post images ever imagined they’ll be on a post like that.

  8. any girl who poses like that ain’t innocent^^

  9. These were the best pics I took or were added by users for the story. Innocent? maybe. Cute? Definitely! Taiwanese? 100% sure.

    And I agree for the most part. When trying to find a girl you should cast a wide net and then start isolating the best ones fro their.

  10. LOOK! I was right.

    Remember those expats on Forumosa who were denying my claim that TW girls didn’t talk to strangers?

    Well it turns out they were BSing. Here’s the proof.

    In this huge 19 page thread (which I didn’t start), scores of them ADMIT in various ways that TW girls are usually cold, stuck up, do not like to be bothered, don’t like meeting strangers, and don’t give people the time of day, etc. Tons of posts in this thread insinuated it, contrary to the BS and denial they gave me earlier!

    Not one guy in this huge thread could name a way of chatting up a girl on MRT that worked. That says a lot huh? They were obviously BSing to me earlier when they denied all my observations. Here is the thread.

    Anyhow, the bottom line is that no matter how many great ideas or concepts you have for meeting TW girls, the FACT is that they usually have COLD UNINVITING looks on their faces and do NOT like talking to strangers and have a “do not bother me” look on their face, which I see EVERYDAY in Taiwan. That doesn’t change, no matter what great ideas you have for meeting them. Agreed?

    The TRUTH is the TRUTH, and words do not change that. Neither does denial.

    The thing is, you may have a talent or skill for meeting them that I don’t, but I’m saying that in GENERAL for the GENERAL man, they are not approachable, open or willing to be chatted up. Every honest TW guy I know admits it. My parents do too. You can ask them.

  11. Winston…!! I couldnt agree with you more. I find them distant unavailable and really do have that Dont bother me , come near me vibe.

    I dont do pubs so Im bug*ered . I have no idea….Ive hung out in Star Bucks went up to one woman and introduced myself and she immediately got up and said she had to go home. HA !

    I dont care about ur replies man…make smart ass remarks..My experience with trying is it is a waste of time man. Maybe alcohol and pub scene is the only way…

    I cant seem to shat with them…there isnt any common ground and how to “play” it . Taiwanese have their way and I have no idea what it is. Dont look desperate…Forget yet dont forget,,,,Go out and talk…..WHere? HOW ?? Start from cold with cold people just doesnt work man….

    COnfused and wondering…

  12. not titties boys, they have no tittiesand been to bed with everyone, not good, not safe, but who said men are smart they only have one head bwhahaha

  13. i feel for you guys. i think the best way to talk to these women is to read WHEN they want to talk to you. it’s hard to find one that does want to talk to you sometimes, but they are around.
    starbucks and bookstores are no gos boys. the MOST LIKELY situation is on the MRT or waiting for a bus. take advantage of these opportunities. open your eyes to what’s available. learn to see beauty in women you might not notice too much. a second look might reveal her to be quite beautiful indeed.
    don’t just try to get the hot ones, but don’t go skagging either.
    see beauty in people.

  14. you are one of the biggest assholes I have ever seen, who obviously sees women as just a piece of ass there for the taking. You bring shame and disgrace to white guys in Taiwan. Shame on you- idiots like these should be banned from blogging- not to mention teaching.

  15. Wow. This is one of the best comments to this site ever! You’ve obviously outdone yourself Ran.

  16. wow, I am from Taiwan but I am surprise that you guys think TW girls are cold and distant?! The opposite, I heard TW girls are been really easy so that’s why a lotta white ppl like to go Taiwan.
    I think maybe it’s because that impression so when you try to talk to girls, some GOOD girls think about there’s might be a chance you have million TW girlfriends when you guys talk to them. You can’t blame them for that. If you guys are really honest and nice and not playing around to get 10 girlfriends out of 100 contacts you got. I am sure you could find a right girl one day.

  17. Learn to speak Chinese! Speaking decent Mandarin will dramatically increase the number of women available to you and gives you an automatic conversation starter/attention getter.

  18. Speaking Taiwanese is definitely an eye opener too.

  19. totally, speaking Taiwanese is def. a plus. I hate english speakers lives at asia but still only speak of English and hoping to score women.

  20. i’m an asshole for giving women what they want anyway, the WAY they want it????

  21. Raja, well all my TW friends and family tell me that the only socially acceptable way to meet TW girls is to be introduced, know them at school or work, or on the internet. Cold approaches in public are very socially unacceptable.

    To Buggie, that’s all BS. I know guys who claim that TW girls are open and friendly. Yet when I go out with them, NONE of them have the guts to approach any girls in front of me, cause they KNOW it’s INAPPROPRIATE and they can sense the FEAR of strangers from the girls. Basically, those who claim TW girls are friendly are ALL TALK AND NO ACTION. THEY FAIL when put to the test.

    When girls are afraid and uncomfortable, it rubs off on you, and you start to feel fear of approaching them too.

    When I lived in Russia for a year, NO ONE was afraid to talk to me. They do not fear strangers there. Thus I never feared approaching women there. EVER!

    I have a ton of videos on youtube to prove this. For example:

  22. – If you are a guy who likes meeting beautiful women, there are many stunning lookers in Taiwan. However, there are three BIG things going against you. 1) Taiwanese girls by nature are very shy and introverted, 2) They are taught by their family and the media that talking to strangers is dangerous and to FEAR strangers, 3) Taiwanese tend to be pure conformists and will therefore conform to 1 and 2 rather than defy them. The only socially acceptable way to meet them is either through a) mutual introductions through friends, b) through mutual organizational activities (school, work), or c) through the internet.

  23. BTW, one of my friends said that he meets TW girls by asking them directions in public. Pretend to be a lost tourist. Ask them for ideas about where to go and what to see. If they are interested, they will ask you open ended questions too, then you can take it from there and get their email or MSN ID. If not, they will brush you off and you just move on to the next girl.

    Asking directions is a way to approach them cold in public with a socially acceptable excuse. I guess that makes sense since it’s the only way to fit a cold approach into the “flow of things”.

    That friend also knows a lot about food and cooking, a topic which TW girls love to talk about, so he uses it to bond with them.

  24. Some girls like guys that only speak English so they can practice with them. I call them groupies. They have a foreign man fetish and most guys just don’t care as long as it is female.

  25. Lol to this. I’m a married man, so I’m not looking to do any hookin here in Taiwan, but I had to laugh when I found this article. I have been asked out by a lot by Taiwanese girls, but I am blessed enough with a good wife so I just blow them off and feel like a straight up pimp all the time. I don’t think it’s hard at all to score girls here, unless my uninterested vibe attracts girls.

    The funniest girl encounter ever went like this:

    Girl: Hello, I am learning English. Can you meet with me for dinner to go out?”

    Me: Ah. . . actually I am married and my wife will be here shortly, but if you want, you can meet her and practice some English with us”.

    Girl looks confused and says: “I am learning English. Can you meet with me for dinner to go out?”

    LOL to that for sure. HA!

  26. If you have game in english, once you learn chinese its a piece of cake. Small comments like nice shirt or cool shoes hit it off huge, brush off any compliments about speaking chinese, tell em its really simple and you sound like an 8 year old. You just have to hold the conversation in chinese. They may give you a break and let you off the hook by speaking english but, again, LEARN SOME DAMN CHINESE YOU LAZY POON CHASERS!

  27. This guy seems to be able to start a conversation.

  28. Comments made me lol.

  29. where to find

  30. Taiwanese women are the EASIEST to score no matter what their age. They could be 14 and up to 64 and they’re up to one thing, and I think we all know what that one thing is.

    I am not Taiwanese but had pretty good luck with the more maturer ones (usually 8-10 years my senior, married and divorced). Don’t get me wrong, some don’t come easy, but for the most part, they are the easiest ones next in line with the Filipinas — as long as you’re white, they WILL be interested and will play hard-to-get.

  31. If you only know english you chances are diminished by at least 75% of meeting a decent respectable lay. Women who want a guy who just speaks english either wants your money, are fake, or trying to climb the social ladder. I have not been outside the airport in taiwan, but I got a vibe from the taiwanese girls in there that they are much harder to lay for the average white guy than a filpina. Are taiwanese women curvy like half filipinas? I met a taiwanese guy on EVA who gave me some advice on the girls there, how hard is it to get a decent job there with B.A.?

  32. Butt ugly white guys can get girls in Taiwan,
    it is like that kind of country

  33. i have win win i am learning mandarin and also met a taiwanese girl from the internet i try to speak mandarin to her but it dont come out right but she laughs but still understands and we also trying to get me to speak it better and prenounce it right but she seems to think i am a player because i talk with one of her friends i even told her friend i just want to be friends nothing more i just wa nt this one girl the really dont trust us white men much and i dont know wh but i just keep inpressin her and making her laugh is that a good sign

  34. anything else i should know about making her trust me more

  35. plus i love clubbing and allays dance i even sing to her she just laughs because i am a bad singer

  36. but i dont were shoes or a suit i just wear my hip hop cloths and i am white

  37. A. Testoni loafers? get a pair of Tod’s…

  38. Haha Darren.

  39. white trash!

  40. this dude would get HIV positive soon or later.

  41. Gh

  42. White trashes

  43. losers fag

  44. not all taiwanese women are like that!!
    what you’re telling everyone is extremely stereotypical and racist. plus, if taiwanese women go for white guys like these, they’re called WHORES. they’re in every country.

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