Hand in Hand 手搴手 Taiwanese Artist Special

This is a song/video from 2003 that contains many of the top performing artists in Taiwan. Vivian Hsu, A Mei, Wang Lee Hom, David Tao, Stephanie Sun, S.H.E, Energy, B.A.D, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chow, F4 Zai Zai and Ken, Elva, Coco Lee, Comic Boy’z, and others all collaborated on this song. It was released during the SARS outbreak, and is similar in theory to the huge “We are the World” song made in The US years ago. I am putting it up as another example of Taiwanese pop music, and it is a real who’s who regarding Taiwanese pop music.

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I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, and webmaster.

2 Responses to “ Hand in Hand 手搴手 Taiwanese Artist Special ”

  1. The 2nd Chinese character is wrong. It’s close but not the right character. Cool take on pop culture.

  2. Yoo guys, I could tell now that I love Taiwanise songs.
    I’ve seen video and I like it so much, also you guys need to check this one:



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