Halloween Costume Party Pictures

I went to The Hangout bar in Tainan with some friends to start the night off. It was festive inside, and Sally the owner was on the bar with a bottle of Tequila. Here are a few pics from there, and here is the The Real Taiwan Halloween Photo Gallery


Then, it was off to the Armory where nearly everyone had a costume of some sort on. It was a great night night, and people are so much friendlier when they are wearing a costume. Here is pictures of Rocky and Dumei DSC07104DSC07111

As usual, there were many pretty girls dressed up…


And there are always some interesting costumes for guys too. The elementary school uniform still has me laughing. Sponge Bob Square Pants showed his dedication, and the mutant radioactive punk Giraffe mad an appearance as well as James Bond… There were way more but there just wasn’t enough time to properly drink and take photo’s.


My favorite and most interesting picture of the night is here:


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  1. Rocky and Dumei look cute in those outfits… 🙂 what are they planning for this… year

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