Half Mile Radius

Half Mile Radius is a Half American, Half Taiwanese band with a sound that is Half heavy and Half light.

Within the diameter of the band resides Dan, who likes the White Stripes a bit too much, and Brian, who wishes he was Jimmy Chamberlain.

Dan Half Mile RadiusHalf Mile Radius Brian


[audio:Half Mile Radius/Half Mile Radius – Scumbus.mp3]

Recent immigrants to the circle include Big Cool, with an eponymous personality, who channels Dave Navarro when he’s not busy studying, and Melon, whose tight tights and glitter mascara keep the attention where it belongs.

Red Tights bass Melon

BBB (Bob Barker Blues)

[audio:Half Mile Radius/UN.mp3]

You can contribute to the Half Mile Radius forum and let them know what you think of their music. They are looking to play shows all over the island, so if you are in a band you could do some home and away shows with them. They are living in Tainan.

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  1. Hey Jonny….it’s Chad …I took over bass duties in HMR. We’re recording this month. Hope you’re doing well.

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