Gambling in Taiwan

It’s my opinion that gambling is a cross cultural phenomenon. Even the poorest of people are wont to try to earn a little extra scratch to help them along in their daily lives. In Taiwan, they have the receipt lottery, which is run bi-monthly. Basically, every receipt you get from legitimate stores carries a number on it. If your numbers match the numbers called, you win some money. This also keeps stores honest when paying their taxes, as they need to present their receipt rolls to the government.

I believe most foreigners like to play poker and slot machines if they should choose to gamble. Taiwan has places, many, if not all of them illegal where locals go to gamble. The places are generally loud, dirty, and full of men smoking cigarettes. The games are weird and confusing. I wouldn’t bother wasting my money there. It would be too easy to get screwed. My advice for foreigners is to gamble online and forget trying to figure out how to play at the little gambling dens of Taiwan.

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