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Ran the man’s blog about Taiwan

The Taiwan Connection A podcast about music in Taiwan.  A must see for visitors to this site.  I can’t wait to see what kind of goodies they have there.

Animals Taiwan

My Several Worlds – A global mind in Asia

Sticky Ball ESL Games and English Lesson Plans A new site that has good material for English teachers.

Online Chinese Courses – A site to improve your Chinese.

Style in Taiwan – A frequently updated site for Taiwan’s women’s fashion. A personal favorite.

Research Taiwan – This is a long list of blogs from the Taiwan Blogosphere – Loads of cool pictures from music festivals and events in Taiwan. Michael is a really good guy and has made a cool website. Check it out.

One Whole Jujuflop Situation: Politics in Taiwan – Douglass Adams has made a cool site that focuses on the political side of Taiwan. I like it, because he writes about things I’m very interested in but too lazy to write good stories about. Definitely give this a look if you want to know about the current Taiwanese political situation.

The Taipei Kid – A regularly updated blog that is humorous and useful for those of us living in Taiwan or thinking about making the move.

The Peace Festival Official Site – PeaceFest: an event for musicians, artists and music/art lovers alike. Longtan is home to PeaceFest and promises a weekend of fun and enlightenment while raising money for a variety of charities.

The Daily Bubble Tea

The View from Taiwan – A blog from Michael Turton.

The Life of Brian


Travels in Asia – Taiwan

Corel take the next step

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