Flashbacks to 2003 SARS and the Current Flu

As we look at pictures in newspapers and on television about how people and countries are coping with the threat and reality of the H1N1 flu, we think back to 2003 when the disease SARS came to Taiwan. All the reminders of washing hands (we had a sign on our front door back then), of wearing masks in public places


(we were served communion by a masked elder in church one Sunday), and of avoiding large gatherings (our daughter’s graduation from Kaohsiung American School was a “family only” event) remind us that Taiwan has seen this before. Some of the technology used to scan body temperature of people walking through gates in airports, now being considered for use in the US and Canada, was developed in Taiwan during SARS and is still used here today. The people of Taiwan know what to do. We’ll get through this one like we did that one, and we pray that you, too, will come out all right.

About the Author

David Alexander works at Tainan Theological College and Seminary where he is the adviser to international students

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