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Here is the latest about the Daniel Pearl Music Festival. It is on Sunday the 30th! There had been some confusion about it all. Here is a copy of the info I received from Sean Scanlan:

Daniel Pearl Music Day will be on Sunday, September 30th from 1-10PM at Hsinyi Public Assembly Hall (公民會館) across the street from the World Trade Center on Hsinyi Road.
Its a beautiful, outdoor location, which has just been opened to public use. We are fortunate to know one of the individuals who campaigned to preserve this park,
and we believe the venue will be a convenient and accessible venue for this event. If your wondering why its not on Saturday, well, as it turns out Saturday is a full working day for just about everyone in Taiwan.

Bands who have committed to performing include David Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers, Public Radio, Coach, 88 Guava Seed, .22, Crossroads, Al’s Hothouse Chicago
Jazz Band,To A God Unknown, Black Summer Days, and 2 Acres Plowed.

Like last year, there will be delicious food and drink generously provided by the Tavern.

Thank you and feel free to pass around this email flyer. Printed versions will be available at pubs and bars tomorrow evening.


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