Engrish Clothing is in

Ever walk around and see a shirt and say to yourself, “What the fuck does that mean?”. It happens to me often and now that I am committed to keeping my trusty digital beast camera in its holster at my side ready for duty, I’ll be documenting more cases of “What the fuck did I just see!”. I really wish I had a photo of the old grandma wearing the honk if you’re horny shirt.

Superboys vs teacher: trick or treats

Super boys vs teacher trick or treats

Chorlie Broan: I need all the fraends I can got

Funny Shirt back



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2 Responses to “ Engrish Clothing is in ”

  1. Is it just me or has the hilarious chinglish tee-shirts lost some of their zing in the last couple of years ?

    Like other expats, I like to buy cheap, hilarious clothing for friends and family when visiting home, but lately I’ve found myself having to really search for the jems when I make my pilgrimage to wufengpu. Sigh, could it be that all that money spent on English classes is actually paying off ?

  2. I am not sure if they have lost their zing, or if I have become immune a bit to them. I think they are becoming more convoluted myself.

    In my experience, any night market should have a varied assortment of cheap T shirts with standard Engrish. Keep your eyes peeled. You never know when you’ll catch a real gem.

    And by the way, our new site slogan is… “Where are you come from?”

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